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About Us

Who Are We?

Bulgaria’s largest manufacturer and technological
supplier of GPS for vehicle tracking.

Viasat Technology (ICOM Ltd.) is the largest manufacturer and technology provider in Bulgaria of GPS systems for vehicle tracking, control and management of car fleets, intelligent transport systems for public transport, and other telematics solutions for public and private organizations.

Viasat Technology began its history with the name ICOM in 1996 and is among the first companies in Bulgaria offering products, services and solutions in the field of automotive telematics. Today the company is a preferred provider of GPS based services for businesses in Bulgaria. 6,600 companies with a total of over 46,000 vehicles optimize their transport operations with our products.

In mid-2017, ICOM became part of the leading European telematics group Viasat Group, which operates in over 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. For more than 40 years on the market, Viasat Group manufactures and installs over 2,100,000 GPS devices worldwide.

Currently, our product range is successfully distributed in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania, and efforts to expand the international presence in other countries continue.

Viasat Technology has a 24/7 contact center for customer service, as well as one of the largest R&D centers in the region for the development of high-tech hardware and software telematics solutions.

A wide network of assembly centers throughout the country takes care of the installation of GPS devices in vehicles, as well as the subsequent servicing of the equipment.


About Us





Viasat Technology

Viasat Technology’s
Mission, Vision and Values


Viasat Technology’s mission is to provide solutions and tools that transform available data in a way that helps customers achieve increasingly ambitious goals.


We, at Viasat Technology, believe that our solutions can improve the lives of people and companies. We believe that complex things can be controlled by simple things. We believe that people’s passion and creativity are essential for technological innovation and human development. We believe that a dream is just a dream until you decide to make it come true.


All members of the Viasat Group, from directors to department heads, to employees, have adopted the positive attitude with which they are expected to fulfill their daily professional commitments.

  • Manufacturer of hardware and software, which guarantees flexibility in specific customer requirements.
  • 24/7 customer service and tech support center.
  • Extensive service network throughout the country.
  • The richest product portfolio in the field of automotive telematics in Bulgaria and the region.
  • Part of the largest independent European telematics group – Viasat Group.
  • Редица успешно реализирани големи проекти на Български и международни компании.
  • A team of over 60 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience.
  • Ticketing system for quick response in customer service.
  • Free consultations and trainings.
Benefits from our services
  • You stop bad practices – unnecessary mileage and downtime, non-compliance with working hours, theft of fuel, use of company cars for personal use, etc.
  • You control the speed, which reduces the average fuel consumption, damage and the risk of accidents.
  • Reduce the administrative costs for maintenance and management of the fleet – you have a service module for easy and efficient management of all activities related to the service of vehicles (insurance, maintenance, repairs, tires, etc.).
  • You improve the quality of the services you offer – you increase the number of serviced objects by vehicle and provide more transparency in the service.
  • Increase of efficiency – you make optimal use of the available transport and human resources.