Using a GPS control system to control is  necessary but not sufficient in order  to achieve maximum optimization of fleet costs. “Optimization” in this case should be seen as a reduction in costs. Of course, this optimization goes beyond using a GPS system, but its usage is a must, if you want to have automated and objective information about your fleet.

How do you optimize the cost of small and small cargo vehicles using your  GPS tracking devices?


Maximizing the use of each vehicle

To what extent are all company cars being used? Is the work being evenly distributed between them? The following report can be automatically generated by the GPS system, giving you an instant answer to the question “How many kilometers does every car run for?”


Comparing cars by mileage in the current month and the calendar year gives a pretty good overview of ​​how much each car travels. In this case, the logical question of why the first and last car on the list have such a big difference in mileage arises. It is possible that the difference in kilometers is due to the repair of a car, the geographic features of the area where it works or the way the driver operates. But, in any case, if you have cars whose capacity isn’t being optimally used you will know this from the above-mentioned report. With vehicle usage informationyou can need so many vehicles or if you can get the same work done with fewer ones. 

Limiting average and maximum speed

Speed ​​has a direct relationship to fuel consumption. Therefore limiting the average speed  to a certain interval and reducing the maximum speed will have direct influence on fuel consumption in a downward direction.

What is the average speed of the cars in your fleet? Without GPS tracking devices in cars, you will find it difficult to answer this question as well as the question: What is the maximum speed of each car?

In the Viasat Technology GPS system, the maximum speed information for each trip is listed in the Roadmap. Such a report also contains information about the average speed of each journey.


Once you know what the average and maximum speeds are, you can take appropriate administrative measures to reduce them.

Reducing or limiting the use of official cars for private purposes

Official cars should normally be used for business purposes. Many companies give official permission to use cars for private purposes. The question is whether you know the amount of time and distance being driven for personal and professional use.

See what information you can receive automatically from a GPS system in regards to the personal and business use of cars: 

Once you have the ratio of personal and business mileage, you can apply a different model to restrict, reduce or stop the usage of the car for private purposes. In many companies it is allowed to use a company vehicle for private purposes. It is up to the manager to decide whether fuel for personal mileage will be paid for by the driver of the car or by the company. You can set a threshold, for example 300 km per month for private use and fuel consumption above that mileage gets paid for by the driver.

Knowing the ratio of personal mileage in a fleet, you can always optimize the use of the vehicle.

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